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Summer is coming to a close #Print2Preserve

Can you believe we are wrapping up Summer?   Seriously, kids are back in school, football is starting again and the amazing photography BUSY season is upon us!  Just remember that the images you capture today should live on for generations.  Make that happen my sending them to Pixel2Canvas to print!

Enjoy your Labor Day holiday and get ready for an amazing fall!

Customer Testimonials  
Lori Bracewell

I just received my canvas in the mail today and I'm completely blown away at your quality! I've ordered from other companies but they do not compare to how beautifully finished your canvases are! I will never order from any one else again. Thank you so much!

Gino Barasa

I already thought your product was amazing, but when I picked up the phone (less than 15 minutes after I left an after hours customer service message) from "The" Rox herself - well - I was dazed and confused. "Who am I that I rate a call from "The" Rox?", I thought. Rox called me because it was X-mas week and she didn't want me to have to wait thru the holidays to get an answer to my question so girl just went on and called me her own self! That kind of customer service only comes from someone who is galactically awesome and committed to her customers. I will never order anything from anyone else again. Not anything. If you people start selling homes, automobiles, food or insurance I will buy that stuff from you too. Because you just Rox'd my world with that one phone call.

Robert Wyatt

How do I begin..I have ordered canvas wraps from two other labs and was satisfied. But when I heard about Pixel2canvas what struck me was how EVERYONE said they went the extra mile and you could always talk to a human on the phone. I have just delivered a 36 x 48 canvas wrap to a very satisfied customer...and now I am a satisfied customer of P2C..Every time I called I spoke to a concerned and caring person who made all the checks this nervous photographer wanted.I took a chance and was rewarded way over what I expected. Everyone else...GIVE THEM A CHANCE! They will not let you down.

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