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Make Some Art! #Print2Preserve

Art is the expression of what we have inside that separates us from the ants and animals of the world.  Go out and celebrate your creativity with some amazing Art today!

Welcome to Summer at P2C! 

Customer Testimonials  
Amy Shertzer

I was thrilled to get this huge box and floored when I ripped into it--it looks beyond amazing and my clients are going to LOVE it! Thank you! Thank you!

Molly Durkin

This canvas turned out amazing! The colors were so vivid, they almost jumped off the canvas at us. The bride who ordered it said it was the perfect way to start her life! Thanks for your great work!!

Carrie Mackey

Pixel 2 Canvas is amazing. Not only is the staff always friendly when I call with question, but the product is truly amazing. I have ordered over 20 canvases in one month from P2C and every time I am impressed with the outcome. Keep up the good work!

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