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Is it really Spring?

We are not sure where winter went, but my guess is she is holding back some where in the great white north waiting to make Easter a winter wonderland.

Once again we are looking forward to seeing all our friends who will be joining us here in Las Vegas for WPPI.  If you are in town, we would love to buy you a cup of joe and talk shop.  If we dont manage to get together, or if your schedule is booked, please feel free to drop us an email if you have any questions about what to see or what to do while you are in our great little city.

In the mean time, happy Valentines Day and keep shooting!

Customer Testimonials  
Cynthia Meyer

I submitted this order using my son's photo. He's 16 and normally "unimpressed" with anything having to do with photography. But your "cool item" was too much for him and he even consented to showing off his image in our studio!

Jennifer Condron

My husband bought me my first canvas for Christmas 2006. I was a new budding photographer and he picked out a favorite image of our daughter. He spoke to Roxanne on the phone numerous times and she provided the best customer service and helped my husband surprise me with a gorgeous canvas that still hangs above our fireplace. 5 years later and I still ONLY use P2C - I can't ever say enough good about them. Their canvases are simply fabulous as well as the people behind the magic!

Gino Barasa

I already thought your product was amazing, but when I picked up the phone (less than 15 minutes after I left an after hours customer service message) from "The" Rox herself - well - I was dazed and confused. "Who am I that I rate a call from "The" Rox?", I thought. Rox called me because it was X-mas week and she didn't want me to have to wait thru the holidays to get an answer to my question so girl just went on and called me her own self! That kind of customer service only comes from someone who is galactically awesome and committed to her customers. I will never order anything from anyone else again. Not anything. If you people start selling homes, automobiles, food or insurance I will buy that stuff from you too. Because you just Rox'd my world with that one phone call.

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