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Make Some Art! #Print2Preserve

Art is the expression of what we have inside that separates us from the ants and animals of the world.  Go out and celebrate your creativity with some amazing Art today!

Welcome to Summer at P2C!  We will be launching our Credit Bank Sale Tomorrow!

Customer Testimonials  
Kristi Hedberg

I have never worked with a company that has such incredibly consistent high quality products......I have ordered very large numbers of canvases several orders of 15 plus canvases) and I never even have any hesitation when submitting to Pixel2Canvas....I always know the results are going to be spectacular. I will NEVER use any other canvas company.....wait, are there any other canvas companies???? not for me! thanks Rox, CB and Catie....and of course the production crew!

Diane Costello

P2C Rocks! I love you guys! Your color is spot on and your customer service is the best ever!!!!!

Angelica Borsellino

I just received my first ever canvas from you last night, and boy was I impressed! For a first-time order, I took a risk and ordered huge! 36" x 42"! Does it ever look stunning on my wall! The printing is top-notch (texture is nice, and the satin sheen is perfect, not too shiny), the corners are tight and nicely wrapped, and the honeycomb hangers on the back make it so easy to hang! I look forward to ordering more canvases from you guys. Thanks so much!

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